Steve currently produces three different guitars, all are considered to be 'small bodied'. The sizes are '000', '00', and Parlour.

000 Guitar

645mm scale

14fret neck

45mm nut

Body width - 385 mm

Body depth - 100mm

A big rich sound palette with well-defined tone separation from a finger style guitar as played by Alex Cornish.

Also available with Florentine cutaway.    


2950 GBP

00 Guitar

630 mm scale

12 fret neck

45mm nut

Body width - 360 mm

Body depth - 95 mm

A smaller body and shorter neck make this bright and responsive guitar very approachable.

2950 GBP

Parlour Guitar

 622 mm scale

12 fret neck

45 mm nut

Body width - 310 mm

Body depth – 95 mm

Classic, punchy, vintage edge from a blues guitar reminiscent of early American instruments.

2750 GBP

JW Tenor Guitar

580 mm scale

14 fret neck

32 mm nut

Body width - 350 mm

Body depth – 100 mm

Using mandolin tuning (GDAE) but a full octave lower, this design was created for Janet Watson and has clean clear tones with a full balanced voice.

1950 GBP

True Tenor Guitar

530 mm scale

12 fret neck

32 mm nut

Body width – 270 mm

Body depth – 80 mm

With a very small body influenced by a vintage Regal tenor guitar, the true tenor makes the best of Celtic tuning (GDAE), producing a bright, robust sound with a startling base. Available with a fixed bridge or a traditional trapeze tail.

1950 GBP

created by Clive Gray